Hot Dog Biz Start Up Marketing Consultation

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Hot Dog Business Start Up Marketing Consultation
- Interactive Online Edition

Listen in as I conduct a private one on one hot dog business marketing consultation.

I used to offer private consulting for hot dog business start up clients. I have personally worked with everyone from college students running a single cart on campus, to a retired vice president of Wendy’s Hamburgers on starting up a nationwide hot dog cart franchise operation.

Although I enjoy doing private consultations, the time involved got to be too much. So I decided to raise my hourly fees, not to make more money but to severely limit (end) the consulting part of my business.

While I am more than happy to talk to you on the phone for five minutes for free, I just can't do the high cost half hour to one hour intensives anymore. However, I did one recently as a personal favor for a man starting a brand new hot dog cart operation in Illinois but only on the condition that I could record it and share it with you.

The result is a 47 minute private marketing consultation that you can listen to as if you were a fly on the wall.

If you ever felt you could benefit from hiring a business consultant but couldn't afford it, this is your chance. After you listen, you can ask questions and interact with other Hot Dog Biz 101 Students because this is the interactive version.

I think you'll get a lot of great insight into what it takes to market your new or existing hot dog business.

The Hot Dog Biz 101 Start Up Marketing Consultation

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