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NEW - 100% Done For You.  Just follow the instructions below, send us a few photos and we'll take it from there!  You'll get a totally finished, ready to use website for your hot dog biz ($800 value).

And for a limited time, you don't even have to be a Premium member! Let us build one for you today.

This is the first thing you should do. You don't even need a cart yet.  All you need to do is think of a name for your free website and we will do the rest. In fact, if you change your name later it's no big deal to update it, so there is no excuse not to get started today.

Don't wait until your business is up and running.  You can (and should) start advertising your business TODAY. How great would it be to have 100, 200, even 500 people that have already heard about your cart on opening day?

free website for hot dog carts
Actual customer website - built for free.

When do the big movie studios start building an audience for their upcoming releases?  Do they wait until opening day?  No way!

You start seeing previews months before the movie is even finished shooting!  You need to do the same thing with your hot dog biz - start getting people familiar with your business long before you open.

Is your business already open? Congratulations, this is for you too. It's never too late to get a website. It can increase sales by leaps and bounds!

Your free website will come 100% percent finished. All you have to do is email us your own pictures and tell us a little about your business.  No computer skills are needed.

What if I don't have pictures yet? You can get started today anyway.  You don't have to be up and running yet.  You don't even need a cart yet.  Just make four or five different gourmet hot dogs in your kitchen at home and take some pictures of them with your phone. We can use those to build your site. You can add new photos when you get them.

It's never too early to begin marketing your business.  You need to be building a fan base for your tasty products right now.

This is what will happen if you wait too long.  You know you're going to get a website for your hot dog cart sooner or later, right?  Well, the sooner you do it, the bigger your sales will be from the get-go.  Delaying this step can easily cost you thousands of dollars in lost sales right off the bat.  Not a good way to start.

It's free.  My team is going to do it for you.  Why wait?

Free? Really?  Yep.  Here's how we can build you a website without charging you.  All the websites in the world are stored on special computers that are always connected to the internet so visitors can view them. This is called "hosting" the website.  Your website address is called  a "domain name".  Whether you get a free website from us or you pay someone $800 to build you something similar, you're still going to need a domain name and hosting.

This program is being sponsored by a hosting company. When you get your hosting package and domain name from them, they pay my marketing team to build your custom hot dog business website. It's a win-win-win.

How to get your free 100% finished website


Premium Members and Non-Members too for a limited time.
We just received this secret deal (not offered to the public) from our hosting company partner.  I'm really excited to pass it along to you!

Today you can get your Domain Name AND a Hosting Package for only $3 a month!  I haven't see it this cheap in 15 years.  This is a big deal.  Don't wait.

You must click on the link below to get the special deal:

Click Here: $3 Hosting + Domain Name Deal = Free Website 4 U

Then click the yellow "GET STARTED" button on that page.

Click that link now to get your domain name and hosting. Do it now while you're thinking about it.  It will only take about five minutes, then you can go back to what ever you were doing. I will take it from there.

You will receive a confirmation email containing your login information. Forward that confirmation email to us at this email addresses: Once we receive your login info my marketing team will build your website. We can't build it without that email.

Talk soon,


P.S. Remember, if you are thinking about starting a hot dog biz this is the first thing you should do. You don't need a cart or anything else to started building your brand in the community. All you need is this free package. So, even if you won't be up and running for a long time you've got to do this right now. The sooner you start the more customers you will have on your opening day. Good luck!


Let Us Build One For You - For Free - Today! 

21 thoughts on “Free Hot Dog Cart Vendor Website”

  1. Steve,

    I am in the preliminary stages of starting a hot cart in Albuquerque NM. I have read through your Premium training. Let me tell you, even at the planning stages, the information you provide is invaluable! It has got me thinking and expanding on possibilities and scenarios that I never would have thought of otherwise. Thank you!

    My question is this:

    How important is having a website to this business really? When I mention setting up a website to my family, their question, is always “Why”? Then they go on to point out that buying a hot dog is, for most people, an impulse buy. Most of us only want a hot dog, when we happen to see a hot dog, to which I can’t argue.

    Thanks Steve!

    -Evan, Albuquerque, NM

    1. Hi Evan,

      Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you are enjoying your Premium Membership!

      In the beginning stages of your business the hot dog purchase will indeed be an impulse one because no one has heard of you yet. However, we want to quickly progress far beyond this stage!

      We want to create a brand. We start by offering a unique gourmet hot dog along with a fun and different customer experience. This sets you apart from the convenience store and gas station hot dogs. It puts you in the Premium food category which also means you can charge more – and the customer will be happy to pay it.

      Staying in front of the customer keeps you in the forefront of their mind, making it much more likely that they become a regular customer of yours. This is known as “branding”. You don’t want to be known as the hot dog guy. You want to be known as Evan’s Famous Gourmet Hot Dogs. A website is a great way to reinforce your brand image.

      What about a Facebook page?

      Yes, you should have a Facebook page too but it’s not a substitute for a proper website. They work together. Give us your Facebook page and we’ll link to it in your website.

      Let me know if you have any more questions!


  2. Hi Steve,
    Awesome website, I’m really enjoying all the great information you and your team have put together. Keep up the good work!
    I’m based in the UK and as I’m sure you’re aware the hot dog culture isn’t anywhere near as big here as it is in the US. I’m keen to develop the American style hot dog ( Chicago, bacon wrapped, chilli dogs etc ) over here selling from an American cart. Local feedback has all been positive so far as I press ahead with my market research and licence applications.
    I love the idea of your website and can see massive benefits down the line with it.

    I will e mail further details as to my business when I send the confirmation e mail shortly.
    Cheers and look forward to speaking soon.

    John. Leicester UK

  3. I am going to start a cart business in the near future. I have read a lot of things on your website & find it very helpful. Thanks for all the info! I’m 53 years old & have been in the restaurant business for 12 years as a manager. I will be starting my business in Arkansas and am very interested in starting the free website promotion you are offering. According to your site, this is the first thing I should do. Would you please contact me at the email address that I have provided with this post about getting the website started & any other info you may have? Thanks for your time & all the work you do to make this website great.

    ( Mike )

  4. Hi Steve, I am very interested in your web site building/ I own a cupcakes business and a deli. I have rented a space next door to park a cart. I know nothing about Hot Dog carts except that I love Hot Dogs have always wanted to add hot dogs to my menu and if done properly they make MONEY. Our logo is very well known as is our product. However I can see the value of having a PRO do it right and then connect it to my other sites. Suggestions? I want the web site(you build), I have location, cart, colors and a menu. I have been following your blog and getting your email for the past 6 months. Thanks


    1. Hi Milli,
      Call me at 636 399-2460. I have some great ideas on tying these two businesses together via the web. I look forward to helping you!

  5. Awesome Milli. I can’t wait to see your whole set up. Sounds really neat. We will start on your webpage ASAP. Thanks!

  6. Glad you like my course Alice! I can build your site for free if you go through my link and use the hosting company that I recommend. If you want to use your current hosting I will have to charge you. Let me know how you want to proceed.

    1. Thanks Steve, I’m going to go through your host for my website. Just as soon as I make a final decision on the name of my HotDog Cart I’ll get back to you. Thanks for your information!

  7. Als Mighty dogs here
    I sent in my info for my web site to your email. Did you receive the info. I can’t wait to get started. This is truly a premium web site. Thanks Steve.

  8. Hi Master Slinger Steve, I have finished the HD course, got a commissary and have the money available for building my cart. I plan to be ready to start mid March and start with the bookkeeping program. I can say that with your course I will be ready to hit the ground running. I will contact you next week after the holidays to give you the information for getting my web site started. Als Mighty Dogs

  9. hello steve I am going to get your free website this week. I am planning on purchasing a cart soon. I have been doing some research on the hot dog business seems to be very promising my question is do you recommend leasing to own a cart or building your own?

    1. I recommend building your own. It is easy to do and will save you a ton of money. The plans and videos are included in the Hot Dog Profits Premium membership.

  10. A domain name is the “www” name. There can be no spaces in it. If you don’t have a domain name, you will need to choose one when you sign up for your hosting. Your business name is a good choice. However, if it is not available as a .com or .net you’ll have to use your imagination and come up with something else. Try and choose something short and memorable. For example if is already taken, you could go with or or You get the idea.

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