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"A Day at the Hot Dog Cart" Training Videos

Here you will find more than 60 advanced hot dog vending videos organized into 7 chapters. We're adding more on a continuing basis.

Want to see a Hot Dog Biz 101 graduate in action?  Then check out my new full blown video course titled, "A Day at the Hot Dog Cart". If you have always wanted to tag along with successful hot dog vendor and see what it's really like on the street, then this is the opportunity you've been waiting for.

Have you ever tried to get information about the biz from someone who already runs a cart in your area? If so, then you probably know that they view you as future competition and are very reluctant to help you.

Problem solved. In the "Day at the Hot Dog Cart" video series you'll learn all the tips, tricks, and secrets that a local vendor would never, ever let you in on. Here is your chance to spend a day at a real working hot dog cart while looking over the shoulder of an experienced professional.

I'd like to introduce you to Dale. Dale completed the Hot Dog Biz 101 course and he now runs a very successful hot dog biz of his own in Reno, Nevada.

We recently hired him to shoot a massive amount of video of himself in full "sling" so we could share it with you here at Hot Dog Profits Premium.

I have also added some videos of myself in action at my cart in St. Louis. Sometimes there are more than one way to do things and I'll show you some alternative techniques. The more options you have the better, right?

When you combine the in depth knowledge that you'll get in the Hot Dog Biz 101 Course (also included with your Premium Membership) with the hands-on know you'll receive in "A Day at the Hot Dog Cart", you will hit the streets with the confidence of someone who has been slingin' dogs for years.

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Terry Barngrover

Thank You Dale. I did watch all the videos, instead of leaving a comment after each, I wanted to commend you on the series a whole. Very Well Done Sir. They gave me a lot of ideas that will be very useful to me and to anyone who watches them. ( Great Addition to the Training series Steve )
Again Thank You Dale & Steve
Black Hack, Colorado



Glad you liked them Terry!


Sarah Gabb

THANK YOU!!!!!! I am so excited to watch this training. I know what I’ll be doing for the next few hours!



Glad you like it Sarah!



Hey steve… I have a spot to set up at ….it is a detail shop…it is located off of main highway in a cudasac….my concern is will people notice me there….I am going to pass out flyers….and open a facebook page…what do you think..steve



Hi Marlow,
Yes, go for it! Think of creative ways to get noticed such as flags, banners, etc near the road. After a while you will build up a base of regular customers but in the beginning you will have to get noticed. Now is the time to get your free website (included with your Premium Membership) so you can start capturing those customer emails. That way if you ever move or lose that spot you can take your customers with you instead of starting all over at the new location. Good luck!


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