Hot Dog Biz 101 / Carts of Cash - The #1 Hot Dog Cart Start Up Guide

Hard copy book and audio CDs available at the bottom of this page (members only).

Everything you need to know to start and run your own successful hot dog vending business. From setting up your business structure, to obtaining licenses and permits, to getting locations, to cooking the food - this section covers it all.

Important: You won't sell any hot dogs without customers, right? NOW is the time to start building a list of customers so that when you open for business you can notify your list and have a huge crowd right from the beginning instead of listening to the sound of crickets on your first day. I can't stress this enough. Click here to get a free website for your business with built in customer email list builder. This is a key to your long term success as a hot dog vendor. If you lose a location (it happens), you will still have your customer list. You can take them with you. You'll never have to start over from scratch!

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